Playing With Recipes : Date and Oat Slice.


I’ve been playing with this recipe for years. The original recipe is from the very old ‘Book of Home Baking’ by Margaret Fulton. I don’t actually remember where or when I got this book from but it does have an old faded Big W price sticker on it. It’s a book I’ve used many many times.

In particular this recipe which is fantastic in itself but I can’t help myself and add something different to it nearly every time.

Let me know if you do…..

In a small saucepan put 300g chopped dates, 2 Tbls water, 1Tbls lemon juice and 1Tbls honey. Simmer gently over a medium heat until the dates are soft. Take off the heat and leave aside while you prepare the crumbly oat layers.

In a medium bowl mix together  225g wholemeal flour with 200g rolled oats and then rub in 220g butter. Stir in 60g brown sugar and I like to add about 50g flax seed and a few pepita and sunflower seeds.

Press 1/2 this mixture into a shallow square or rectangular baking dish which you’ve lined with baking paper.  Cover with the date mixture. Here is where i play with the recipe. I’ve added a layer of thinly sliced apple or pear, some sultanas, currants, pecans, slivered almonds, whatever I had at hand. Today I’ve sprinkled a handful of dried cranberries and some chopped  walnuts.

Cover the filling with the remaining crumble and press down well.

Bake at 190c for 35 – 40 minutes until brown.

Cut into slices while still warm then cool completely in the tin before removing and serving and eating.


This slice is still delicious even 1 week later, just keep it in an air tight container.

If you leave out the nuts it makes a great lunchbox snack.



3 thoughts on “Playing With Recipes : Date and Oat Slice.

  1. I love Margaret Fulton recipes and this one looks just as delicious! I’m wondering if you’ve ever replaced the butter with anything? My sister doesnt eat dairy, so I’m thinking I might replace it with apple sauce and perhaps a spoonful or two of coconut oil? Any thoughts on this one? Thanks, Niki 🙂 x

    • Hi Niki
      Can’t say I’ve tried replacing the butter, but after reading your comment I had a little Google…
      There is a product called Nuttelex which is a dairy free butter substitute. It’s made vegetable seed oil. I’ve never used it but if you do let me know how it works.
      Coconut oil would work well too. You need something that sets when it cools down otherwise you’ll have a very crumbly slice.
      Thanks for your comments and for following.

      • Hi Lona, thanks for your suggestions 🙂 I’ve seen Nutellex in the shops but have never really looked much into it before. I might give it a go with coconut oil first and see how I go 🙂 x

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