Hi there,

I was encouraged  to start a blog  about food and food stuff by family and friends. They’re under the impression that I know alot about the subject. I guess its kind of true.

734152_10152361532485542_936516309_n(That’s the whole family there for Christmas lunch)

If there is something I don’t know about cooking and food, I make it my business to find out.

I’ve been cooking since forever. My mum was always in the kitchen and so was I,
sitting on stools or even climbing on the bench tops so I could see and help.
Cooking has always been great hobby. Starting with working in restaurants and ending up in wonderful bakeries.
My thing is to, as much as possible, make it myself. From breads and doughs and pastries to curry pastes, sauces and pies.
Home baked makes a great gift too.
Don’t think I’ll ever get sick of exploring new recipes, ingredients or cuisines.
Nor will my husband, family and friends.

So…now that you’ve found my blog, why not try some of the recipes and tell me how they go.


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