You know, the one thing I love to hear is when people say they make things from scratch. image I met a cousin from overseas for the first time this week. We got to chatting, and she was showing me photos of all the lovely breads and pastries and pies she’d been making. Wow, they looked great. At first, she was making all these things out of necessity.  Where she was living, it was just to hard to come by things we see as staples and everyday foods. It didn’t take long for her to be hooked. Plain breads gave way to flavours of all  sorts.  The family were  cutting into pies  and tarts with delicious and healthy fillings.  There was freshly made biscuits and even cheeses. DSC02095 It really is great to get in there and get your hands all doughy  and messy. There’s nothing like kneading  yeasty dough into shapes and baking them. Watching them rise and slowly brown. The smell……wow! image True, the task may seem daunting at first, and there is always the time factor thing. But if you are able,  there is no limit to what you can produce. And you’ll always know whats going into what you’re eating. Very important. Very rewarding……. image image

4 thoughts on “Thoughts…..

    • Thanks Vicky.
      Dont give up. Even the most experienced cooks will have a flop every now and again. The thing is to try it again! Never stop experimenting. Who knows, you may come up with the next big dish everybody wants to make!!!

  1. I liked this one.. I have done the saving on money and making my own from scatch and everyone loved it. even the next door who waited daily for something that smells so good to be seen with hungry eyes lol I have slowed down cooking lately, need to get back into cooking again! Love to try new dishes and sweets.

    • Good to hear it Eleanor. Don’t you love it when you see people walking past your place sniffing at the air and that yummy smell. Never forget to try something new. It’s what keeps you going…

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