Indonesian Sticky Beef Spareribs


This months The Cookbook Guru is the brilliant Sharmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook.

I own of copy of Charmaines Thai Cookbook and it got quite a workout in its time. She makes cooking Asian food easy.

Once again little bits of paper are sticking out from between the pages of this book. A friend even bookmarked a few of her and her family’s favourite recipes for me to try. I’m hoping I’ll get to all of them during this month.


First off  I’ve started with cooking something I’ve wanted to cook for long time – Sticky Beef Spareribs. I did actually make three  recipes as a full meal – Beef Ribs, Squid Sambal and Green Bean Sambal, but the ribs were the star of the show. So sticky and full of flavour and ridiculously easy to make. 

For two people (with another dish and rice), you’ll need:-

500g beef spareribs

3 cloves of garlic – grated or crushed

1tsp grated ginger

salt and pepper

1 Tblsp peanut oil

2 Tblsp dark soy sauce

1/4 cup water

1 Tblsp dry sherry

1/2 tsp chinese five spice powder

1 Tblsp palm sugar (or brown sugar)

Cut the spareribs into individual ribs for easy cooking and serving. Season with salt and pepper.  Heat the oil in a wok or saucepan and brown the ribs all over. Add the garlic and ginger and continue to cook for a couple more minutes stirring them all around.

Next add the soy sauce, water, sherry and five spice. Give it a good stir, turn the heat down to low, cover and let it simmer gently for about two hours or until the meat is tender. Be sure to give it a stir every now again so it doesn’t stick.

Add the sugar and stir it in until it melts.

The sauce should be thick and sticky, if it isn’t just lift the meat out onto a plate and turn the heat up under the sauce and let it reduce a little.


These were amazingly delicious. Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice. Maybe you should try making it and post a photo.



10 thoughts on “Indonesian Sticky Beef Spareribs

  1. Mmmm, Lona your sticky ribs look delicious, I need to look more closely at the Indonesian section I think. I have the Thai book too and have never cooked from it, I think I need to take another look!

    • Thanks so much. Its the First time I cooked Indonesian food. Won’t be the last. The curry paste section in the Thai book is really good. And the fish recipes…… Yum.

  2. Hi Lona, This has been a great exercise. I am really going to look at my book with new eyes after this month. Your ribs do look delicious. You know, I have never cooked with spareribs, but why not?

    • Hello Glenda. Thanks for stopping by. This was the first time I’d ever cooked spareribs. I never realised how simple it was to make sticky yummy ribs but that I do, I’ll be making them again.
      I’m looking forward to finding something else I wouldn’t normally cook. It’s good fun exploring ingredients I’ve never cooked with before.

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